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Alex Colville | Fine Art

Alex Colville | Fine Art

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Alex Colville's Pacific was created outside of his Canadian locations. Painted in 1967 during a six-month teaching position in Santa Cruz, California, the work evokes palpable tension. While the man seems relaxed and the ocean benign, the presence of the handgun suggests something darker. Colville said, “I don’t think the painting is about suicide, I guess I think of the gun and the table as necessary parts of human life, upon which it is possible sometimes to turn one’s back.”

This painting has served as cinematic inspiration for movies and television series including the 1995 film "Heat" directed by Michael Mann.

Museum Quality Fine Art-
We have partnered with Art Authority to bring you the highest quality made-to-order fine art reproductions. Working with the most respected museums in the world, image optimization experts coordinate with curators and museum staff in order to ensure that our reproductions are of the highest quality and fidelity. The artwork has been scanned at the highest resolution possible by the museum and the digital file is then sent to us. Printed on only the finest paper, 100% acid-free cotton fine art paper, and the highest quality pigmented, non-toxic, environmentally friendly ink with a color permanence rating of at least 200 years.

Creator: Alex Colville
Date: 1967
Original Medium: Acrylic polymer emulsion on hardboard
Location: Private Collection
© A.C.Fine Art Inc.

Approximate Measurements for each:

Paper Size: 8.00" W x 10.00"H, Image Size: 7.00" W x 7.01" H

Paper Size: 11.00" W x 14.00"H, Image Size: 10.00" W x 10.02" H

Paper Size: 16.00" W x 20.00"H, Image Size: 14.00" W x 14.03" H

Paper Size: 22.00" W x 28.00"H, Image Size: 20.00" W x 20.04" H

Paper Size: 32.00" W x 40.00"H, Image Size: 30.00" W x 30.06" H

Paper Size: 40.00" W x 60.00"H, Image Size: 38.00" W x 38.07" H