New home decor and how it fits in.

New home decor and how it fits in.

WE have exciting news! Ma'at Luxe has a new Home & Garden Collection.

Ma'at Luxe is a mother-daughter business. We have been excessively particular when selecting or creating products for our store. As enthusiastic shoppers, we were regularly disappointed in the quality of the products available. That's why we quality-check everything ourselves and it must meet our high standards. 

Let's talk about our new additions! 

Ma'at Luxe caters to designers, restaurants, and DIYers from all over the US & Canada. We love home decor inside and out and are thrilled to share our new collection with you.

In this collection, you'll find everything from fun bottle tops for your next get-together to hand-hammered metal tuna displays for your restaurant or lake house. We have something for everyone. Find matching sets of gardening pots and a variety of stem vases to complete your garden sanctuary. Make sure you love where you live inside & out. A little can go a long way when it comes to decorating a small patio or yard.

Vintage metal mirrors are still very much in style, of course, we picked the top designs to add to this collection. If you'd like to open up a small space adding a mirror is a great idea.

Strategically placed miscellaneous home decor can fill those empty spaces in your home. That is why we think items like bookends, candle holders, and accent bowls are so important.

All of these products are shipped to you from right here in the USA.

Happy Shopping!

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