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Victorian Stripe | Peel and Stick | Fabric Wallpaper

Victorian Stripe | Peel and Stick | Fabric Wallpaper

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Wrap any room in this vintage striped wallpaper for a classic and sophisticated makeover. This is a classic victorian design offered in a lovely green taupe with a solid color backing. This simple design is timeless and we love it. Wallpaper is one of the most popular ways to completely transform your room without a huge commitment. All of our wallpapers are made from fabric adding a texture that takes you to the next level. It has a simple self-adhesive peel and stick backing making it easy to apply but also completely and easily removable leaving no residue behind.

Material: 100% polyester fabric.
Multi-US Patented, Self-Adhesive Material
Application: Peel and Stick
Formaldehyde-, phthalate-, and PVC-free
Clean: Gentle Damp Cloth/Sponge


***Pattern repeats every 24 inches.


Please take the following steps to ensure you order enough wallpaper for your project.

As stated above all of our wallpapers are 24 inches wide.

First, you’ll need to measure the width. Then divide that number by 24.

Next, what did that equal? You must round that end number up. This is going to guarantee there are no extra uncovered spaces left.

Here is an example:

My wall is 78 inches wide how many rolls do I need?

(78 divided by 24 = 3.25) I must round 3.25 up to 4 and that is how I know I need to order 4 rolls.

After this step, you’ll simply choose your length based on the height measurements.

**Ordering enough to complete your project: If you are unsure if you’re ordering enough to complete your project we urge you to please over order. This only further guarantees exact color matching since all of our wallpapers are custom printed when ordered.

NOTE: Not recommended for use on textured walls
Instructions and Squeegee Included (squeegee not included in sample size order)